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love me in perfect symmetry

death the kid ♥ maka albarn comm
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You've just stumbled upon the Death the KidMaka Albarn livejournal community. Whether you support the relationship as a romantic or even a strong platonic one, you're welcomed here. This is a platonic relationship at the moment we pray for some canon romantic so, this means that this is a crack pairing when it comes to romance. Love doesn't have to be perfect and that's what Kid and Maka are. Please do not join the community if you do not like the pairing. We're not trying to make wars here.

• Please respect each other and do not cause an uproar. We all have our own opinions.
• Respect your fellow mods as well.
• Post only Kid/Maka related things only. Discussion about them together or just as separate characters is allowed. Just don't post anything that isn't related to the pairing or Soul Eater in general. Thank you.
• Do not flame other pairings here. It's fine that you don't like a certain pairing but don't go starting a war here.
• Don't join in on the fun if you're just here to bring down the community and the pairing. Take your hate to your own journal.
• Please remember to tag your entries. The tags can be found here.
• Remember to use an lj-cut for images larger than 300x250 pixels. As for icons, use only three icons for teasers. Everything else must be put under a LJ-cut. Go here if you do not know what an LJ-cut is or how to make one.
• If any fanfiction or fanart happens to be over PG-13, please place a warning.
• Have fun!

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