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03 November 2010 @ 10:13 pm
When He Fell in Love  

Soul Eater
Title: When He Fell in Love
Couple: Death the Kid, Maka Albarn
Rated: K
Genre: romance humor
Summary: Kid's first day at Shibusen Academy. Though he had not met her face to face the moment he saw her angelic grigori soul he was unknowingly head over heels. KidxMaka Oneshot 2nd fanfic
Warnings: none ^_^




When he fell in Love

All copyrights belong to their respective owners Atsushi Okuho and publishers.

Kidxmaka one shot the day kid unofficially met Maka Albarn

The day had begun beautifully, as duly noted by Death the Kid as he made the finishing touches to his now perfectly symmetrical home. He ignored all efforts made by Liz to get him to school on time. Kid still enormously satisfied by the job he'd done, payed his own tardiness no mind. Despite the exasperated groans Liz continually shot his way. So as a result he had shown up to his first day at Shibusen Academy three hours late.

Yet as Kid approached the academy steps he soon felt those feelings of elation elevate as he drank in the beauty of his honorable father's school. He glided up the steps to find himself in the company of two rather stupidly cocky boys. The white haired one then mentioned the number 7 which then sent Kid spiraling down into depression as he begged the boy to make it 8 as it was more astatically pleasing. (Did I phrase/spell that correctly? Ugh tell me later how much I suck but please be gentle)

He continued to beg meanwhile the boy with till colored hair started bouncing about in an annoyingly haughty manner. Kid didn't notice this until… the idiot destroyed the academy's impeccable symmetry

Kid then felt so violently obliged to avenge the now ruined symmetry that once was his father's wonderfully symmetrical academy challenged him to a duel. The boy… Black Star proved to be an acceptable opponent having a natural instinct for fighting, however; he was incredibly stupid and rash. This made his moves seem slow and easy to interpret. The other named Soul Eater was kind of disappointing; it seemed he was a bit useless without a meister there to wield him. And it was evident that the loudmouth wasn't his partner

Nonetheless kid determined that in a real fight under the correct circumstances they would be quite formidable. This notion was strengthen by Black Star's fake which allowed soul to nearly blindside him Kid then wondered who the partners of these idiots were. It was then he realized there were some spectators in their midst. The spectators were a shibusen teacher with a ridiculous amount of power and probably a huge sadist, a calm accepting and kind girl and finally…! A girl whom possessed a grigori soul whose small fluffy wings barely brushed his soul as she made an effort to analyze their soul wavelength.

She was an earnest, kind, caring, strong, aggressive, and intelligent soul as he unconsciously examined her soul further he came to realize that those small wings were a manifestation of her immense courage. Her wings though small were actually hiding a great amount of power deep within her soul.

The fight soon came to a close and it seemed that the victory would belong to Kid. But at the very same moment he had defeated Black Star and Soul, Kid suddenly became aware that something had gone horrendously awry. His bangs were cut in a way that was disgustingly asymmetrical. The poor shinigami was so upset that he spat up blood and promptly fainted.

The day had seemed to be shaping up so well until this mishap. Even though the day had ended in such a terrible manner deep in his subconscious Kid felt that there was still a ray of silver lining up among the clouds. The reason for this was (though he still didn't know it yet) that was day when he Death the Kid had fallen in love with the girl whose grigori soul closely resembled the valiant light of an angel named…

Maka Albarn.

The End

A/N:Okay that was my 2nd fanfiction and I'd say it was a bit of fail sorry that it was rather short but this was based a small dream I had the other night about the characters but still I tried my best and I'm a bit proud of it so give me your reviews constructive criticism encouraged and I'll come back even better than before so thanks infinity for reading and for even bothering to review hugs and kisses ladedanixie.
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