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07 August 2010 @ 12:15 am

Okay my first post absolutely sucked but like my pic says insanity i has it  so without futher adue here is my kidxmaka fanart.
Hope you guys like them. ^_^



Clicky for kidxmaka goodness *ahem* fanartCollapse )
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27 July 2010 @ 02:05 am
I don't know how but I ended up screwing this up! I tried to post something for kidxmaka it did show up but on the wrong page I was hoping it'd end up on recent entries but it ended up on the friends page argh I suck. oh well I'll learn sorries to anyone and everyone about this and to the people who don't even want to read this but I had to make note of this so it doesn't happen again and plus um I don't know just bye for now. p.S. IF THIS ENDS UP ON THE RECENT ENTRIES PAGE I'M SOOOOO SORRY WAH! >_<  JUST ARGH! well this is kinda kidxmaka related cause I'm letting you guys know that my kidxmaka fanart is on the friends page of the community unsymmentric again sorry and cross my fingers that it doesn't happen again.
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: Even Gods Need Angels
Characters/Pairings: Soul Eater Cast; KidxMaka, Love triangle between KxMxS
Summary: After being held captive by Noah, Kid continues to struggle with the sinister wavelength that lingers within his soul, hurting the people around him. The only person who could help Kid was the person who pulled him out of the darkness; Maka.
Rating: T for now
Chapters: Multi-chapter 1-4 ongoing, WIP

(The Link to Even Gods Need Angels aka EGNA)

kashii_ai is my editor/BETA for this story. Story is up-to-date with editing.

Enjoy ^_^
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We'll be Halfway to Anywhere
(A KidxMaka FST)

Where have my fellow shippers gone? This comm is so quiet, of late. C'MON, GUYS, IT'S SUMMER. WHERE ARE YOU ALL?!

I've had this thing in production for a couple months. Mostly because I didn't have time to make it. I know KidxMaka has like three FST's already, so really, I'm just adding even more to it. XD So, here we are~

Crossposted with shibusen and son_of_shinigam .
(she gave me a heart attack just because she looked so adorable)