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21 February 2011 @ 01:35 am
In Exchange for Sanity  

Title: In Exchange for Sanity
Romance, Some Angst, Adventure, Mystery? and Action?
Word Count:1872
Pairings: KidxMaka, CronaxMaka, Onesided SoMa and some others
Warning/Rating:  might go up but mostly T Also Crona is going to be a boy in this fic.
Summary:Kid has been rescued,Noah has been defeated and everything is back to normal. Except, Crona is still in Medusa's cluches. When Maka is faced with a decision to either lose both Soul and Crona to the black blood or giving up her sanity in exchange for thiers, what will she choose?






Chapter 1: Home

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock


Soul winced in pain as Maka's grip tightened drastically, consequently crushing his own hand in turn. "Oi, Maka would you ease up a bit. It feels like I got my hand caught in a vice," Soul whispered through his razor sharp teeth.

Abruptly snapping back into reality, the earthy blonde sluggishly turned to face him. Her luminescent green doe eyes wavered with worry as they met with his crimson red eyes, which then softened in realization of her uneasy demeanor.

"Oh…I'm sorry Soul," she deadpanned, her warm hand meekly releasing his hand.

Soul watched as she swiftly brought her hand up to her mouth instead, nibbling nervously on her thumb. Without the protection of her usual snow white gloves she easily broke through the soft peach colored skin. A small trickle of blood then escaping from the now fresh wound she'd unknowingly inflicted upon herself.

An exasperated Soul let out a small sigh internally rebuking himself for having made Maka even more nervous than she already was. "I'm her weapon. I'm supposed to reassure her not cause her grief. Damn! Not cool Soul. Not cool at all." Sighing again Soul gathered up Maka's bleeding hand in his, giving it a slight squeeze of reassurance as his fingers interlocked with hers.

Startled Maka looked up to find Soul tenderly smiling at her. She endeavored to mirror his smile with a weak upturn of the corners of her mouth (it wasn't much of a smile but it was enough). She was a smidge embarrassed but she was grateful nonetheless. Soul's gesture did well to abate her apprehensive state, if even just a little.

She was just nervous. In fact, they all we're and the three hours they'd all spent waiting outside the infirmary had done nothing but increase the tension. Looking back at the (irritating) infirmary door made of sturdy oak, the Thompson sisters we're found waiting (fidgeting) beside it. They were perhaps, the most unsettled of the group at the moment seeing how their meister was behind that very door.

Patty wanted to punch something or someone, likening the sentiment to how she had felt in the lust chapter, however; she did not desire to destroy something out of pure impulse but rather out of pure agitation. And Liz incessantly demanding she'd keep still (even though she herself couldn't remain still either) only made matters worse. She felt so violently impatient that she thought herself liable to kick down that accursed infirmary door right that instant. Yet, despite her restlessness she swallowed her frustration and stood her ground beside that damned door still unable to stop fidgeting.

"Hey keep still!" Liz snapped at her younger sister Patti. Even though she wasn't exactly staying in one place either. She abhorred scolding Patti especially when she knew she was basically contradicting herself in the end. But… she couldn't help it. She was anxious and uneasy because Kid the most important thing to the Thompson sisters in the world was behind that door. And there was no telling what might be going on inside. She could have chewed her nails to the point of being reduced to stubs and not have noticed judging by the state she was in. However that transgression would never come to pass because frankly that would ruin her manicure.

Black*Star was seething, shaking with rage. "Why the hell did they have to wait so long to see Kid, especially the great him. What the hell was taking Dr. Stein so damn long Black*Star mentally demanded. His finely tuned hearing would give him a good rustle or clank of what he guessed were medical appliances and a small ghost of a comment said here and there. But there wasn't enough there to draw an accurate conclusion and it was pissing him off. If Tsubaki wasn't there to keep him (kind of) in check he would have kicked the door down by now. He wasn't worried though. He knew Kid was alright… he was just so damn tired of waiting.

Without warning the infirmary door swung open with a slam which was then almost simultaneously closed with an utmost crazed grace. The swift motion gruffly revealed a stoic looking Dr. Stein an unlit cigarette hanging loosely from his slightly parted lips. He stood unmoving for a good five minutes all the while the small gaggle of students gapped innocently (menacingly) and pleadingly up at him.

The members of Spartoi watched the unorthodox doctor intently as he slowly and lithely retrieved a black and white lighter bearing a beautifully intricate stitch design from his right coat pocket. He brought the tiny thing up to his lips lighting up the cigarette with a minute flick.

Quickly returning the lighter to his coat pocket the silent Dr. Stein opened his mouth to speak but shut it again as if briefly mulling over what he should say. The tension in the room had skyrocketed as the students awaited an answer with an almost manic hunger.


Stein's gray eyes flickered over to the teal-haired assassin, a malicious expression alighting on his features. The whole group felt a chill run down their spines whereas the god surpassing idiot named Black*Star defiantly stared Dr. Stein down, most likely thinking he'd extract the information himself if need be.

"Kid is fine but he won't be completely recovered until he wakes from his coma-like state."

"Huh?" chorused the Spartoi members a bit befuddled by his response.

"What do you mean by coma-like state?" Maka mused.

"As you all know Kid is a shinigami and therefore much studier than your average human, however; the strain of having gone through and also having resisted insanity for such a long period of time has drained him of nearly all his strength. This leaves Kid vulnerable, weak and prone to sicknesses that would be considered deadly only to a human. As a defense his shinigami body has shut down all senses and functions apart from breathing and has forced him into a coma-like state for the duration of his recovery. After discussing it with Shinigami-sama I predict that the healing process will take up three to four weeks. During that time I suggest that you all refrain from visiting him as no visitors will be admitted into the infirmary with the exception of Kid's weapons Liz and Patti Thompson and Maka Albarn due to my theory that her anti-demon wavelength will speed up the healing process."


Tsubaki though just as upset about the entire dilemma attempted to calm her rambunctious and angered meister, "Black*Star now is not the time to be making a scene. You heard Dr. Stein Kid will be back on his feet in three to four weeks. You just got to be patient. I can trust you do that right?"

After a few lengthy minutes had ticked by, Black Star's shoulders slowly relaxed, partially turning to face his partner he nodded firmly (hesitantly), "Of course. I'm the world's most trust worthy man," he said with a brave mischievous face. But Tsubaki knew better, she knew full well that Black Star was surprisingly trying not to cause a commotion for once, for Kid's sake.

Stein smirked stifling a small chuckle of amusement (believe it or not) as warmth entered his heart at his precious students concern for their dear friend. Yet that smile vanished under a cloud of slight doubt and sadness as he thought back to the rest of his conversation with Lord Death.

"Has this ever happened before?" Stein inquired.

"Not in my lifetime. No." shinigami-sama responded his masked face depicting a serious but somewhat dejected expression.

"Do you at least have an idea of how Kid will fare?"

"Well when a shinigami suffers a wound or wounds of great severity our bodies' immediate response is to force itself into an almost dead sleep for approximately 3 to 4 weeks depending. However, Kid's injuries are far worse than we imagined and may not heal correctly during his slumber."

"How so?"

"What I'm saying is that 3 to 4 weeks is probably not enough time to heal all his wounds and… rid him of those lingering remnants of insanity. I …fear that my beloved son will not survive or rather… when he awakes he'll not be my son anymore."

Subconsciously Stein wondered if it was right to keep this information from them. That there was only a 40 to 60 percent chance that Death the Kid would return as they knew him or even return at all. Yet upon examining their anxious expressions once again he knew that it was better not said. What was important was that they were all home safe and sound. At least that was how he saw the situation.

"Dr. Stein… does that mean that we can see him now?" Patti innocently inquired.

Snapping back into reality Stein gave her a small smile."Yes by all means," he said waving the Thompson sisters and Maka into the infirmary. The rest of the gang half-heartedly communicated their goodbyes and dispersed with an air of relief and disappointment. What Stein found most amusing was Black*Star slightly pouting as Tsubaki forced him down the hallway. He stood watch until all bodies, shadows, and sounds of footfalls had long ceased, swallowed up by the school's endless maze of corridors. With that Stein promptly put out his live cig with a pinch, threw it into a steel trash bin and joined the girls in the infirmary shutting the door firmly behind him.

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